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Use the above link to make sure your ballot was received.

Election News SEE RESULTS for the November 3, 2020 election.

Oregon Voter Registration Information

Am I registered to vote?
Check your voter registration online.

Update your voter registration
Update your registration information such as party or address online.

Status of My Ballot
If you have filled out your ballot and dropped it off or mailed it in, go to this link if you want to know if it has been received and processed.

Voter Assistance
Special voting circumstances such as military and overseas voters, homeless voters and voters with disabilities.

Filing to Become a PCP
The heart of the Republican Party is the PCP or Precinct Committee Person. If you wish to become a PCP, click the link above and in less than 3 minutes you can file to be on the May primary ballot.  The deadline to file to appear on the ballot was March 17, 8pm 2022.

If you missed the filing date above, you can still file to become a PCP by submitting form SEL-105D, which declares you wish to have all write-in votes for your election as a PCP counted.  This form can be completed on-line by clicking here.  The deadline for this submission is election day, May 17, 2022 at 8:00 PM.  Just as with the first form above, it is up to you to have at least 3 people vote for you as their PCP.  Voters must be from your precinct (see below).

The updated Districts & Precincts Map is available here. . This map can be used to determine the precinct a voter currently resides in by entering the voter’s address.

View Voter Pamphlet Online 
Each household is to receive a Voter Pamphlet in the mail.  Receiving a pamphlet does not necessarily mean you are registered to vote.  At the link above you will find a link to view the Jackson County voter pamphlet and a second one for the Oregon State voter pamphlet.  Extra voter pamphlets are available at the County Clerk’s Office, 1101 West Main Street, Medford and at the Post Office.

Election Laws, Rules and Publications

For additional information, call the Jackson County County Clerk’s  office at 541-774-6148.

Oregon legislators for 2021-2022