New PCPs

First of all, THANK YOU for stepping up and volunteering as a PCP. Your efforts are vital in our mission to get quality Republicans into office. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your PCP Coordinator at

Okay, let’s get you onboarded. Follow these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to making a difference in our county.


1. Download the PCP HANDBOOK.

2. If you are unsure of your precinct, you can find your precinct by looking up your physical address on the County Precinct Map.

3. JCRP has divided the county into PCP Regions, each containing multiple precincts. This allows our PCPs to focus on community-specific action, in addition to county-wide PCP activities. PCP Co-Captains perform leadership duties in each region. They organize efforts in their communities and coordinate regional PCP activity. You can find your PCP Region and identify your Co-Captains HERE.

4. If you’re interested in communicating with your fellow PCPs through the Telegram App, get instructions HERE.

5. Learn about our monthly Central Committee Meeting and make plans to attend. Remote options are available.

6. Learn about our Current PCP Missions.

7. All the PCP Announcements Newsletters are archived under the PCP Announcements Archive in your PCP Portal

8. If you’re unfamiliar with the nuances of the Republican Party, explore the  PARTY STRUCTURE and PARTY PLATFORM. If you’re new to politics, browse these HELPFUL RESOURCES.

9. While PCPs shape party leadership through their vote, their primary duty is to help Get Out The Vote, through voter registration, phone banks, and canvassing. When we’re not working an election cycle, we have other prioritized action items we carry out. Review the PCP Missions and decide where you can best apply your talents.

10. Have fun, make friends, and let’s save the Republic.