The Oregon Republican Party (ORP) is committed to protecting freedom & liberty for all Oregonians. We promote limited government, lower taxes, personal responsibility and choices. We’re proud to be the majority party in many parts of Oregon. Hundreds of elected Republican leaders are striving every day to put Republican ideas into action to benefit all Oregonians. Our political party has a common belief in personal freedom. It is that common belief that drives us to work together. We strive to be a voice that echoes your concerns; a voice that cares; a voice that matters.The Jackson County Republican Party is dedicated to representing Jackson County Republicans and liberty-minded individuals, who value the freedoms guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.



We defend the blessings of liberty by fighting for limited, constitutional government that is transparent, accountable, and emphasizes local control.



1. We believe that liberty maximizes personal and societal benefits.

2. We believe that government that is smallest, with minimal regulation, is generally best.

3. We believe in the sanctity of private property.

4. We believe in local control.

5. We believe in supporting and defending the Constitution, as written.

6. We believe in holding ourselves, our leaders, and organizations to standards of accountability, honesty, and transparency.

7. We believe that natural resource development is vital to the health of local economies.

8. We believe in fiscal responsibility.

9. We believe in Judeo-Christian principles of morality and family values.