Eligibility: To be eligible for the office of PCP, you must have a current, active voter registration in the State of Oregon, and you must have been a registered Republican for at least 180 days in any state (with exceptions for voters who are applying within 180 days of their eighteenth birthday). Your County Elections Office will review and certify the eligibility of all persons seeking the role of PCP.


PCPs are elected by Republican voters in even-numbered years during the May Primary. The election filing form is SEL105. This form must be filled out and submitted to your county Election’s Office by the march deadline indicated on the Secretary of State’s website, prior to the primary. You will be listed on your precinct’s Primary Election ballot, and you only need three votes to win your position.

If you miss the deadline, you can still run as a write-in PCP candidate by filling out the SEL105D form. This form must be submitted to your county Election’s Office no later than 8PM on Primary Election day. To win your position, three voters in your precinct must write in your name exactly as you filed on your form.

If the primaries have passed, you can still become and Appointed PCP.

1. Download the PCP Appointment form below, and submit the completed form to JCRP’s PCP Coordinator at OR deliver the form to the coordinator at the Central Committee Meeting.

2. Attend JCRP’s next Central Committee Meeting (7PM the second Tuesday of each month) and introduce yourself as a PCP applicant to the committe. At the following month’s meeting, your appointment will be voted on by the committee, and you will become an appointed PCP for your precinct.