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We are excited about the community driven "America First" approach we are engaging in as Jackson County Republicans. For too long the local Republican party has relied on PR campaigns from distant headquarters that have let us down. We are forging ahead with a clear grass roots vision of what is necessary to stop the tyranny that is at our doorsteps and make Jackson County a great place to live, work, and do business in. Genuine change happens when our neighbors, businesses, and community are empowered with the tools to influence our political landscape. We are engaged in an information war which requires us to empower and organize concerned citizens to effectively take action and to tell our own story - the media won't do it for us. Above all else we are inviting you to get involved and take part in this critical mission.

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Southern Oregon First Now

We defend the blessings of liberty by fighting for limited, constitutional government that is transparent, accountable, and emphasizes local control.

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Contribute to the heartbeat of liberty. Your donation fuels the JCRP mission, empowering us to champion freedom, defend constitutional principles, and uphold the values we cherish. Join hands with us; every contribution echoes a commitment to a stronger, more resilient Oregon.

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Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive updates, bringing you real-time insights, breaking news, and in-depth analyses from the vibrant world of JCRP and beyond.

Transparency, Governance, and the Path Forward: A Commissioner’s Perspective on Jackson County For All’s Initiatives

As I move into my last year on the Jackson County Board of Commissioners, I want to take a moment

A Different Take on The Southern Border Crisis

The Western Lensman lays out a compelling argument: The Democrats’ pursuit of open-border policies is not about compassion or diversity; it’s

Democratic Lawmakers Admit Failure and End Drug Decriminalization Experiment

The recent announcement by Governor Tina Kotek to sign House Bill 4002, effectively ending Oregon’s drug decriminalization experiment, underscores a

Why “Jackson County For All” Isn’t For All

Current Commissioners in Jackson County have consistently taken strong positions on vital issues affecting Jackson County as well as our

Jackson County is Already for All of Us – Kevin Christman

I attended the town hall meeting on Tuesday, March 6, to learn more about the proposed Jackson County Charter amendments

Supreme Court Rules 9-0 For President Trump

In a landmark victory for Donald Trump on the eve of Super Tuesday, the Supreme Court delivered a unanimous verdict

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Explore our calendar for a schedule of engaging gatherings and opportunities to connect with fellow Republicans. Stay informed about upcoming events that align with our shared values.

The Future of Food

Ward 2 Town Hall

Pear Blossom Festival and Street Fair

Josephine County - Patriots Conference April 2024

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Explore volunteering opportunities to contribute to our cause. Take charge as a Precinct Chair, ensure election integrity as an Election Judge, safeguard the democratic process as a Poll Watcher, or assist in voter registration as a Volunteer Deputy Registrar. Your involvement shapes the future we believe in.

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Dive into the Redpill Corner, where we challenge mainstream narratives and uncover the truths often obscured by media bias.

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